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Small Group Teaching​

Small group learning provides personalised attention and tailored instruction to individual learners, while also promoting social interaction and peer learning, resulting in a more effective and enjoyable learning experience for students of all ages and abilities.

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Our team of experienced and highly qualified educators is dedicated to guiding students towards academic success through unparalleled support, reflecting our commitment to delivering the highest standard of education.

Meaningful Learning

Our students gain a profound understanding of theoretical concepts and their practical application. Their critical thinking skills are crucial for achieving academic excellence and long-term success, especially in the context of high-stakes examinations.

Our Courses

11 Plus Maths Year 6

The 11 Plus Maths preparation course is designed for students in Year 6 preparing to take the 11 Plus Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning exam. Students should have a keen interest to enhance their mathematical abilities and problem-solving skills, enabling them to gain admission to selective schools, including grammar schools and top independent schools.

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2 hours weekly
Before having regular tuition lessons, I was struggling with physics. However, my tutor is incredibly knowledgeable and patient and has helped me understand difficult concepts in a way that I never thought possible. I have since seen a significant improvement in my grades and feel much more confident in my abilities.
GCSE Physics Student
I am so grateful for your dedicated tutoring. My daughters are now working two grades higher than before, and my eldest is now keen on taking physics as an A-level subject.
Thank you for helping me improve my predicted grade in physics so that I can apply to my top-choice universities.
A Level Physics & Maths Student

What Students Say About Us

Small group learning truly makes a difference in my academic performance. I am able to address my individual learning needs and get a better grasp of the material. Moreover, working in a small group setting allows me to approach problems from different perspectives, which helps me consolidate my understanding and retain the information better. Not only is it improving my grades but also enhances my learning experience by making it more enjoyable, all thanks to the passionate teachers here.